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 The abby of whispering souls

Tianna went into the old chapel where she had appeared when she first arrived to this village.

It Must have been a portal she stumbled upon when she was in Her back yard and she was

Hoping To find a way back.. But had only came across a few doors that were locked or

jammed. could she really leave her new friend Quint ? Quint was A medium who could play

a mean fiddle he said he called her to him one lonely night, that he often Dreamed He was a

shadow watching her but he couldn’t speak and tell Her not to be afraid. Last thing she

remembered was seeing a shadow and banging her head Against that creepy tree in her back

yard.. Maybe she was dreaming now Though things were very real.. Pondering and roaming

she finally sat on A pew hearing nothing but black birds and quiet along with the occasional

Creek in the old foundation.. This was a very big place an Abby where monks used to live

and priest gave their sermons. But talk of black Magic and evil doings spread though the village

and the people put the law in Their own hands. They killed any monk and priest that did not flea

so now it is an empty , a place For curious youths and ghost seekers.. Suddenly she heard a giggle,

a child's Voice and she followed the direction it came from , she saw some stairs and as If being

guided she went down them.. There were small windows allowing some Light, enough to see with

but still she felt a growing sense of being watched, She hesitated but then she heard the child’s

voice again “ help me..” it said ,A girls voice perhaps. “ hello? Its okay I won’t hurt you..” she said.

She went into a room with another little window she saw a porcelain doll tattered and Town With

a broken foot.. When a spider crawled from the collar of its dress She dropped it and heard it

break when it hit the floor. She looked down at it and saw A gleam of gold.. She picked it up to see

it was a key.. “ hmm.. Maybe this goes In one of the locked doors..” she thought.. So she rushed

back up and tried all the locked doors till finally one opened.. And she went in the room. It was a

Shambles, Blood stains as old as time still stained these walls. And there was a hole in the far

corner of the room, from it came an awful putrid stench.. And she wouldn’t of Gone near it but

she could hear the girls voice and it grew louder and more desperate. “ HELP ME!! “ it said

“ HOLD ON I WILL HELP YOU!! “ she shouted down and then out of no where she was roughly

shoved Causing Her to fall in the hole.. Tianna landed in the dark sewer with a splash. It Smelled

so bad she almost lost her breath.. Chocking and gagging till she became Aware of the fact she

could not see in the dark and the noises of unseen things fed Her fears.. The crying of the

girl was more faint now but she did her best to follow It , feeling along the walls slimy surface

trying not to panic.. She came to a dim lit spot And went to the source of it. She came to

some bars and she gripped them, trying To pry them open but only one came loose and she

kept it for a weapon. She called And called for help hoping some one would hear her in the

streets above but they didn’t. she started to sob and tremble fore she felt something was in the

darkness stalking her, she could hear sloshing as if someone was walking towards her and that

Feeling came over her as she knew hands were inches from her back.. Then she heard the

wickedest laugh a man could ever conjure and she was stifled and frozen . She felt cold , so cold

she cloud see her breath. She didn’t want to leave what little light she had found but when she

felt a deep Low groan in her ear and freezing fowl breath on her face she screamed and bolted ,

running Blind through the sewers maze like tunnels.. Screaming , tripping, crawling for her life,

Till she finally came to a cavern chamber which had a draft of fresh air circulating from Above but

she couldn’t scale the wall to the opening. She grew tired trying to escape But at least she could

see and breath a bit better. She was sore, filthy and getting Hungry now her hope was fading, it

all seemed so bleak . she drew herself up in a huddle and cried again .. When suddenly to her

Relief she heard voices calling her name and the footsteps Of many men flooding her dark nightmare

with torch light.. It was Quint and his friends and she’d never been So happy to see him sense she

arrived to his world. He rushed to her and helped her up “ why are you down here lady?! “ he asked

sounding very concerned.. “ I was pushed…I ” “ You should of stayed with me! “ he said “ I thought

I heard a girls voice. Crying for help.” She said as more tears fell.. “ That be the spirit of Sara belle

Leblanc miss..” said one of the Men .. “ A ghost?! What happened to her? “ asked Tianna “ it was an

accident, they think.. she liked to Play here and explore, she must of fell into the sewer grate in

one of the lower Rooms they found her to late and they say her spirit still plays here” said Quint..

“ No , she was pushed .. She was murdered! “ Tianna squawked, sobbing again. “ Get her out

of here Quint she’s had quite a terrible ordeal.. Falling in here. poor lass ” said another man..

Quinton hugged her close .. “ come on lets get you cleaned up and tended to my lady “ cooed

Quint .. He took care of Tianna all day and never let her out of his sight again..




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