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 Lucille Rose

Midnight a woman stands alone by her staled car and just her luck Her cell phone was out of juice... Of all places to be stranded a Dark, forgotten part of town... Where the lost and unwanted dwell...She pulled her suede smock around her... Her anxiety was up Every noise made her jumpy... She felt so alone and helpless she Wanted To cry... Then she heard the clicking of feminine foot steps Approaching and from an ally a pale woman in black appeared..."You look like you need some help..." said the mysterious lady "Yes ...do you have a cell phone I can use? " "No, but your welcome Stay at my home for the night, its not far..." the woman thought quietly For a moment, looking at the lovely dark lady in Gothic attire...Her hair was long and flowing her eyes unrealistically pale almost white and when she smiled she could swear she saw fangs it sent such a chill Up her spine yet she felt intrigued... "Well I don’t bite ...unless you want me to "Sorry I didn’t mean to stare ...I ‘m trinity..." " hello trinity, I’m Lucille rose .." and they shook hands... "Come then let’s go to my place we can talk and have tea... or coffee, which ever you prefer... "

So trinity followed the Woman Along the way they talked and shared trinity was fresh out of college Just turned 20 and on her own which was new to her … Lucille was in her 30’s and had a rare disease since her birth that prevented her from ever seeing the sun and being albino didn’t help. She never felt normal and lives a vampires life Had spent years practicing the art of it her world was the darkness it soothed her delicate body. She even had her front teeth altered to look the part… her life was such a sad lonely journey... The two women as they walked side by side in silence Now looked so different like night was to day… trinity in her jeans and sleeveless Pink t-shirt with the thin straps that would fall down her shoulders and she walked Quite comfortably in her black ankle boots… Lucille was much more provocative In her black slip and an elegant black knitted shawl which shimmered with tiny Black Beads wrapped around her alabaster Shoulders and she painfully watched her Sashay with grace in that black stiletto heals at least 3 inches high her hips rocked With seductive enticement her hair a Wispy trail behind her unlike trinity’s hair which Was in a short and sassy pixie cut and though not black was dark...

They came to a gate "well here we are ..."they entered and walked up a long drive Trinity’s blue eyes scanned the big house before her a villa by the sea it was lovely By the full moons light Lucille gave her quite a tour... She could only have certain kids of light in her home mostly candles... and they lit enough of them to see clearly... There were a lot of reds and blacks in the room Black lacquer furniture a few ivory figures, chandeliers it was quite elegant and well decorated Lucille went to start a kettle of water... Then sat with trinity and Chatted more. The more they talked the more there seemed to connect and the more they seemed to like about the other... "Would you like to listen to some? Music? I find it relaxes me to listen to sultry mid-eastern music ""oh that would be fine I am pretty broad in my taste in music..." the music was very soothing sensual Lucille Began to dance she was quiet good "you can belly dance? Cool..." Lucille reached Her hand out to her "come on I’ll teach you." and she pulled her up and directed her in the proper basic methods... Trinity caught on pretty quickly and was actually having Fun... When the mood turned and things got heated when Lucille pressed to her from Behind sliding her hand up trinity’s body as they danced trinity was enjoying this Her arousal and desire raising she could feel Lucille’s warm breathe on her cheek She turns hers to face her lips dangerously close...

Then the kettle suddenly began to scream...and they parted "you learn fast .maybe you’ll come back and let me teach you more" "Sure that would be great..." Lucille went to set the trey with the hot beverages, The creme and sugar setting it on the coffee table "coffee for you and tea for me" They fixed it to their liking and sat back to enjoy the taste... talking more as they Sipped... Then trinity began to feel really relaxed and mellow as if drugged...She looked at Lucille "what‘s wrong are you feeling okay? "Asked Lucille casually "What was in that? I feel different ..." Lucille slid closer holding her as she looked in her eyes "don’t worry its safe and non addictive I wanted you to be open to me ..." "What do you mean ...what you are going to do...? " Lucille caressed her face kissing her and it felt good "see you liked that, I ‘m going to set you free, love you like you’ve never Been loved before ..." Lucille’s hands pleased her body her hair falling around her She couldn’t fight the lust that grew in her and she soon surrendered to her desires She was pulled to her feet again and lead to her bed room where she was helped out of her Clothes... and was laid onto the bed and watched Lucille undress then the woman crawled Onto her they kissed and tasted they’re flesh Lucille cradled trinity her hand stroking her Wet place hearing her lover hum... "I am going to give you a taste of my world tonight " and Lucille turned her head away baring her neck still pleasing trinity she licked her breast and played with her nipples with her tongue clamping down on her nipples With her teeth... Hearing the excitement building in trinity excited her as well she licked Up to her ear "hold me love... hold me tight ..." she whispered to trinity and her arms Obeyed there was a sudden pain in her neck and she screamed but then it was replaced By an intense pleasure... Her voice was forced to sing her rapture it was a sensation she Never thought she’d love so much " baby don’t stop." her body was thrown Into a crescendo of orgasms over and over...her juices were flowing like a fountain Lucille paused from drinking taking her hand from between trinity’s legs "no don’t stop Lucy..."But Lucille smelled her soaked hand " I bet you to taste as good as you smell"

She laid her back down and positioned herself between trinity’s legs. Spreading her Lips and licking every crevice sucking her delicate pink petals, thrilling trinity all over again. Her tongue dipping deep into her swirling relentless as she hummed with delight . Relishing her taste and trinity exploded once again being over powered by her body’s fit of passion then the calm washed over her as her body eased...Lucille slithered back up licking the droplets of blood left on her neck and sinking her Teeth in Again for a bit more of her life essence "no more Lucille." Lucille held trinities Wrist so she could fight and then she drew back "now my darling when you taste my blood I know you’ll like it ..." Lucille had a knife by her bed trinity was frozen and silent "It’s been so long since I have shared my blood with any one... I have been so lonely." and she made a light cut down above her breast and lifted her face to the bleeding wound "Drink my love ..." trinities full lips closed in she drank in the warm succulent crimson...and liked it a thirst she never new she had was revealed to her she held one of Lucille’s breast Like a baby to its mother... Lucille new when it was enough and withdrew... and she laid holding Trinity quiet and still... Sleep and dreams filled the rest of their night...

When morning came She felt clear headed and noticed her front teeth felt weird when she was going to get up to Go look She realized to her horror she had a light iron collar around her neck with yards of Chain at her feet "LUCILLE!!!" and she walk in " is this a joke ?! Why am I in this?" Your mine now... I can’t bare for you to go ..." "please ...I will come back Lucy..." "I’ve heard that before but sooner or later they get tired of the life I am forced to live! " "Why can’t I have both? I do want to know you Lucille rose ""and you will " trinity Happened to glance in the mirror of her vanity and saw why her teeth felt so different "OH MY GOD!! You …" she felt a sudden rage and rushed at Lucille but she was Expecting such a reaction and drew out a cattle prod and poked her with it a couple of times Till she was on the ground curled up and submissive "YES my sweet you will learn your manners" "Why did you do this to me I trusted you..." "I am doing this for your protection ...but if you Insist on being so demanding I will show you ..." so Lucille walked to the window and opened it when the light touched trinity’s naked body there was a burning pain ..." CLOSE IT! IT HURTS! " She went down and grabbed her shoulders "YES! I had to make sure you didn’t Run out of here ..." "you knew I’d catch it you BITCH! " "There is no disease, You’re a vampire like me ..." "release me from this collar please!"

So Lucille Unlocked it and took it off, "I am sorry if you are unhappy with me ...I hope You can forgive me? "Then Lucille left the room trinity put on her shirt and panties Then went into the living room to see Lucille sitting on the couch weeping Trinity sat down by her and laid her head onto her lap and Lucille pet her head...Then trinity kissed her thigh and Lucille slid down lifting her slip to bare her Secret place she spread her legs as trinity licked her juicy crevice... Sliding her Tongue deep into her well of desire... her moans filled the room her hips rocked as her Pleasure mounted she used her new teeth to tug at her wet lips and she Was loving it, she sucked and drank in her lovers nectar it was sweet, Lucille‘s body Couldn’t take any more and she erupted " TRINITY!!!" Then she relaxed and trinity came into her waiting arms and they kissed long sweet kisses and pet Softly teasing their flesh it was a quiet gentle moment one of many they continue To share to this day.

The End

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