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 havendale (Part2)

Early the next morning around 7 am kali was up and about , dressed and had a cup

of coffee while Brenda slept . When She went to grab her keys she dropped them

and the clank Of metal woke Brenda. “ kali ? Where you going ? “ “ I'm going to get

my car.” “ WAIT! I'm going with you. “ Brenda was about to get out of bed when kali

playfully pounced On her. “ no, you rest , I'll be back., besides I'll be with a tow truck

guy “ Brenda relaxed as kali pet her head . “ last night was wonderful " Said kali .

Brenda smiled “ yes it was.” “ I think I enjoyed Just holding you the most , you know,

after.” said Kali “ well, it was all heaven .” said Brenda. Gazing into her eyes. Kali

eased in and kissed Brenda long and slowly, The electric pain from the pleasure they

felt Was more arousing than a cup off coffee. the man outside Laid into his horn busting

up the lovers tender moment. Kali huffed loudly “ what a big dipstick ! “ and Brenda

laughed. “ you'd better go, hurry back kali.” the tone in Brenda’s voice was forewarning,

Kali could hear the concern in her voice. It was as if she expected her not To return.

“ hey Hun, I'll be back, just wait for me okay? “ said kali “ you bet I will, don't make me have

to go back to that town to Find you.” warned Brenda “ your silly. When I get back we'll

have a brunch. go have yourself A coffee. that diner has the best I have had in some time .”

kali gave Brenda a kiss and left. Brenda couldn't sleep any more so she got up and had

a shower.  the Warm Water cascaded over her stiff muscles, it made her think of the

Warmth kali had given her last night And a sigh pushed from her lips. Once out and dried

She brushed her teeth, she loved the mint fresh sensation In her mouth after and she

sucked in some air “ AAH! ” she sighed She dug around her bag for her brush, Her long

hair was cool against Her back as she brushed it. She Got dressed. Sliding into her jeans

and wore a red halter Top. She Grabbed her purse and the key Then stepped into her

sandals on the way out The door. The diner was within walking distance so Brenda didn't

Waste her gas driving.

The atmosphere inside the diner was old fashioned and friendly. she was Welcomed by

the waitress behind the counter as she sat on a stool. “ hi, I'm Gladys. what will it be

miss ? “ “ a coffee and a small milk please.” and she Rushed off to fetch Brenda’s order.

The coffee could be heard filling the mug It smelled delicious. she added her milk and

sugar till it was to her Liking.  she moaned softly as the liquid passed through her lips.

“ can I get you any thing else. “ ask Gladys “ no ma'am, thank you .” Amongst the

clanking of dishes and the chatter of locals she dreamed Off for a moment , thinking

of kali, wishing she'd insisted on going with Her, Of course there was nothing to stop

her from following.  But she just waited as told. maybe she would be back soon, she

really didn't Want to go back to that town anyway. “ I'll give you a penny for that thought

miss.” an old man had sat down next to her. “ oh, hello. ” said Brenda “ morning I'm

Jacob, Who might you be ?” he said tipping his head politely. “ Brenda. “ Gladys brought

him a black coffee. “ thank you sweetie.”  “ your welcome Jacob, you mind your P’s &

Q's today .”  “ Oh.. What do you mean ? I'm a perfect Southern gent “ and he winked at

Brenda Who smiled at him. “ where you from ? I don't think I've seen you in these parts

before.” he asked “ I'm from Texas, My mother lives down here.” “ where's your friend? “

he asked . Brenda Was baffled  “ how did you know I was with someone ? “ she asked

“ well, you just told me “ the man then snickered. “ OH Jacob ! you cad. don't mind him

he pulls These mind games with all the new folks that pass through.” said Gladys Giving

the man a scolding glance. He leaned in to Brenda and said “ she’s really my daughter.

she’s just ashamed of me.”  “ why you old dog! Your such a fibber.” and the waitress

rolled her eyes, Brenda couldn't help snicker As the two continued to play around.

Brenda paid for her coffee and was leaving.  Jacob was suddenly behind her “ Brenda

wait! ” he handed her something, “ your friend dropped this.” it was a very old Zippo

lighter, ancient compared To what was used now. “ um thanks I'll give it to her..”  “ tell

your friend she Has to face the truth.” “ what truth?? Is this a joke? “ Brenda looked

around Hoping to see kali standing some where laughing.  but she wasn't. When she

looked back at where Jacob had stood he was back in his stool.  So she just got the

hell out of there and went back to the hotel room. She took a closer look at the lighter

and saw An engraving J.C. JENKINS “ what was that about ? ” she asked herself, Feeling

 more concerned for kali.


1 PM
Brenda was watching some TV hoping it would help her Pass the time away. But noon had

rolled around. It had been to long . Suddenly, she heard a commotion outside. she peeked

Out the window and saw the tow truck with Kali’s car Behind it. she grabbed her tinny shoes

and shoved them On before rushing outside to see the tow truck man having an intense

conversation with a cop. She heard Kali’s name mention and jumped in. “ What happened?

where’s kali!? ”  “ she’s gone! I couldn't find her. there was blood, but.” the man was nervous

“ Frankie slow down, tell me again what Happened.” asked the officer with great patience.

“ OK, I was leaving That town with miss Jenkins. when something dark blocked my vision

And next thing I know I hear a scream.” The man paused as if thinking. “ then what ? ”

Brenda snapped. “ I hit a tree, I must of blacked out a moment when I came around her

door was Open and she was gone... Cooper ,HONEST ! “ “Okay Frankie, go get yourself

looked at ” said the officer. “your just going to let him go? Aren't you going to look for her ? ”

cried Brenda “ Yes, ma'am, Frankie wouldn't hurt A fly.. I gather from your concern you know

the missing person? ” “ Yes and I'm going to find her.. ” said Brenda “ I think it’s best you

wait here, in case she comes back or calls you. We will send units Out there to look for her.”

“ I can’t just sit here .. I know the area we had been stranded there for hours before we were

able To leave that haven dale place.” said Brenda determined “ I tell you what go down the

highway and near the old road to haven dale but don’t go any further with out an officer and

watch your self now, I have heard a lot of strange stories about that old town” said officer

cooper She agreed and he nodded Good bye and went to his car Jabbering on his CB, she

hurried to her room feeling the tears coming but kept her wits About her, She grabbed her

keys, a flash lights, a first aid kit, water and her aluminum bat Just in case. She stopped for

gas on her way out. She drove with eyes peeled for kali hoping to see her marching down the

Highway, but no luck and she had finally reached the dirt road to haven dale. With great dread

swelling in her stomach She stopped at the tree where Frankie Said he crashed and checked

the area. There Was indeed a blood trail heading towards town And her heart skipped a beat

when she found Kali’s keys. She called for kali several times Each call more and more

desperate till she was In tears.  “ damn! What do I do ? Do I leave and let the police handle

this? “ NO. she couldn't do that. she was going Into that town to find her friend! she Wasn't

 the kind to leave a person in trouble. She got back into her car and drove till she was in town.

She scanned the streets and side walks for more blood trails or clues, but saw none. So all she

could do was drive. She went back to the school getting out long enough to call into the double

door, Daring not to enter. A sudden loud thud was Heard inside that sent her scrambling to the

car. she sped away like A Bat out of hell grazing the side of her car on a sign post. Next place

she saw was the church.  looked like some restoration Was done on it but it showed its age

still there was no sign of kali. She searched high and low, street by Street, through alleys, and

behinds buildings, till there was No where else to look except for the cemetery. maybe kali

Went there.  Once she figured out where it was her eyes scanned the Vast ocean of head

stones and flowers flowing upwards On an up rise of land. She caught glimpse of a figure

Walking amongst the stones.  Brenda jump out of her car And ran to the spot she'd seen the

person but there was No one. She looked around then at the graves before her. That read.

[ JENKINS ] “ J.C.. JACOB CALVIN JENKINS!!! ! OH MY GOD!” Brenda gasped.  [ Betty Jenkins ] -

 loving mother and devoted wife [ Ronald Jenkins ] - devoted husband proud father [ Lori sue

Jenkins ] - beloved daughter [ Ted Kenneth Jenkins ] - Beloved son . when she read the last

grave she fell to her knees. [ KALI JOANNE JENKINS ] - eldest beloved daughter Lost to us,

but not forgotten. “ It can't be.” sobbed Brenda feeling lost in the shock and Confusion she felt .

then she heard a familiar voice “ you know don't you! “ She was so startled she jerked realizing

she had been In her car The whole time . the night had crept upon her . she tried to start the

car but it was dead. “ YOU'VE GOT TO BE FREAKING KIDDING ME! “ She hit the steering wheel

in frustration. it must have been running While she was in her trance. She looked at the gauge

and saw it wasn't That empty so the battery was just Run down. “ well that’s just dandy!”  She

got her bat , flashlight and the tote bag with the things She'd need in it and trekked into the night

heading back to haven dale. It was a long frightening walk back . Her heart pounding and her

nerves Tingling at the slightest rustle or sound.  At one point she could swear She heard

footsteps and a faint whistling from behind but when she'd stop to listen, It would stop to. It

was as if someone was toying with her. She bolted running as fast as possible with the load

she was carrying, When she reached the town she slowed to a fast walk still determined To

find kali. She finally stopped when she was at the church. she Noticed a faint light from inside

and a candle in a window. The door was open so she went inside.

She saw kali naked and tied to an alter her lips gagged . her head was bloody from the wreck.

Brenda rushed to her side dropping her bat and bag at her feet. She held Kali’s face “ kali! Who

did this ?!“ Kali’s eyes popped Open Wide with alarm her body jerked and struggled against the

bonds As if trying to tell her something Brenda took off the gag. “ BEHIND YOU!!!” Brenda spun

around to see a tall dark figure in a Black robe and hooded cowl.. His eyes could only be seen

gleaming With evil down at her as he grabbed her throat, Brenda gripped the mans arm Instinctively

to try and get free as he raised her up tossing her Aside like a rag doll. Kali was crying and scream

for Brenda till she sat up coughing and gasping Brenda's eyes focused on the horrible figure Now

touching Kali’s naked body as kali beckoned to her. something came over Brenda as if she'd Been

here before and she snapped. “ DADDY STOP!!! LEAVE MY FRIEND ALONE! ” the figure turned

to face Brenda who stood now she saw her bat and made a run for it. He was close behind as she

raised it he grabbed it and she struggled To keep it finally kneeing him in the groin, as he doubled

over in pain She hit him over and over with the bat till he didn't move.

She stopped Beating him and looked at kali who was crying. “ kali, I'm sorry I didn't Tell anyone.”

“ It wouldn't of made a difference, no one would listen.” Brenda untied kali and they hugged tight

sobbing together. Then suddenly Brenda screamed in pain, whirling around, kali could see A huge

slash across her friends back, Brenda saw her dad with a raised knife And she held up her arms to

block the attack, her fore arms and hands Receiving deliberate slashes not to kill but to torment her.

“ you bastard! “ screamed kali leaping from the alter And onto Brenda’s father and they both hit the

ground Hard. Brenda held her breath as she watched them both struggle, then Stand. kali wasn't

hurt any worse than her head , but when the man turned to face Brenda she saw the knife deep

in his chest. He reached out to Brenda as he fell down again and was still Once more. Kali kicked

his dead body. “ STAY DEAD THIS TIME!!” she hissed. Brenda let out her breath and tears Poured

from her once again. kali looked at Brenda her eyes Easing from the rage held in them before, a

 chill coming over Her naked crimson streaked body. “ I feel cold..” Said Brenda “ might be shock

 Hun..” she went to Brenda’s side She looked at Brenda’s cuts “ we have to get you patched up.”

 said kali “ I brought a first aid kit, in that bag.“ kali hunted through the Bag , grabbing the first

aid kit they cleaned and bandaged their Wounds and kali got dressed then she helped Brenda up

to her feet And took her outside. something fell from Brenda’s pocket When she sat down on the

steps, it was the lighter. “my grand pa’s lighter. Brenda where did you get this ? “  “ a man in that

 diner Said you dropped it.” Brenda’s voice was shaky.“ what else did he say? “ asked kali “ that

you had to face the truth.” Kali’s face winced with inner pain.  “ I started the fire Brenda, I had to

kill those evil cult members!! But innocent people including My family died also.”  “ OH my God Kali.”

“ I didn't mean to Brenda!“ “ I know.” said Brenda softly. “ I just wanted him to stop hurting me

And the other Kids he was touching with his fowl hands! “ said kali “ that’s awful .” sighed Brenda

holding Kali’s hand. “ I lived in fear that he'd kill my parents Or go after my sister and brother and

when he finally did I had to stop him.” said kali “ so you set the church on fire .” “ yes. they were

having a meeting and I knew they'd all be in there, but I didn't know or think that My family was in

there to.” “ you were young, in pain, confused it was an accident, you have to forgive yourself.”

said Brenda “ do you know how many years Of therapy I've endured to get over this ? I even tried

hypnosis to forget it.” “ the truth is better therapy.” said Brenda “ the truth. I can still remember the

flames, the screams. your father lit up running out The door, that’s when I ran away, I knew I'd

done a terrible thing But I just ran and ran.” kali flicked the roller of the lighter to strike the flint

Stone Inside . the lighter lit up. “ it still works..” whispered kali “ what ? “ asked Brenda  “ I'll be back

Brenda .”  “ where you going ? “  “ to erase the past ” Brenda jumped up and grabbed kali “ NO !

your not burning this church! ” “ why not. it’s no house of God! “ “ please kali I just want to leave 

this Place With you.” kali huffed “ SORRY, I'm just so angry still .” Brenda hugged up to kali

looking into her eyes. “ let me take that anger from you baby. “ and she kissed her. “ MMM, you

win Brenda, lets get out of here.”  “ Yea I thought That would work.“ said Brenda with a giggle.

Then she past out and Kali caught her she carried her away From the church and to her relief a

police car showed With an ambulance behind ..

It was officer Cooper “ Good lord.. You two look like you been Through hell. I'm sorry we was late,

but we had a massive wreck and the highway was jammed till we could clear it up “ he said. “ Can

we just get out of here please, she needs medical attention now ! “ said Kali. the medics tended 

them as they raced to the hospital. After a few days of recovery and questions from police. The two

really couldn’t answer, they got their cars back as good as new. Kali and Brenda spent one more

loving night together before going their Separate ways for a short time, keeping in touch till kali

could move Down to live with Brenda in Texas.. Happily.

the end.

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