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It was 3 am Kali Jo Jenkins. Has a flat tire in a quiet little town somewhere in

Louisiana. she looked around nervously realizing there was no people or sounds,

not even a dog’s bark in the distance, which would of been some consolation to

her. there was only the wind through the trees, creaking and shadows. it was

very eerie. she tried her cell phone but all she could get out of it was static. she

went to her trunk to look for the spare tire but there wasn't one " Damn!! I'm

such an idiot !“ she slammed the trunk door very upset now. She was on her way

 to Arkansas to settle some family Affairs and start a new job , but she might be

fired before she even starts now. She decided to Wait till daylight before hiking

back to civilization. so, she got back in her Car, locking it and cracking windows.

 “ Damn town.” She could feel the tears as she dozed off, her mind flooded with

worries. She was a single young Woman, with no one to call, no kids to fret over,

 not even a pet to go home to . No One would know or care if she died Alone in

 the dark..

It was 4:30 am on the clock in Brenda’s car.. she was on her way to her mothers

to pick up her kids , they had had a nice couple of weeks with their grandma . she

 had entered this vacant town in hopes to find a gas station and a motel room..

there was no sign that she could see. But she was tired from driving all night.

Then her car began to sputter " COME ON BABY! don't do this to me now."

Suddenly, a woman with short blonde hair jumped in front of her car waving her

arms, Brenda slammed on the breaks , stopping to have her car now go dead..

Brenda got out of her car " Are you ok? " she asked the frazzled woman " YES,

thank God you came Along , my tire blew and my cell phone doesn't work"  " let

me get mine. " said Brenda. But When she tried to use it all she got was static to

" it doesn’t Work, does it.” said Kali  " well perhaps they don't have towers out

here for cell phones " said Brenda. " I'm Kali Jenkins by the way." Kali held out

 her hand and Brenda excepted it. " I'm Brenda Jones ." " well, I'm glad you

came along Brenda " they looked at each other a moment and smiled, feeling a

connection. " SO, what do we do hike out of here? " wondered kali. " do you

have a gas can? " asked Brenda " its empty. Maybe we can siphon the gas from

 my car, do you have a tube? “ Brenda sighed, shaking her head No " then we'll

have to find something from here." said kali “ Oh joy.. “ murmured Brenda . Kali

grabbed a flashlight from under her car seat and they set out on their quest

through the dead town to find what they needed..

The morning hours past and the sun was well up they were on their way back to

their cars. They'd found what they needed.. " next time I travel I'm going to come

prepared " said Brenda.. " I hear ya, If I'd remembered my spare tire I wouldn't be

here" said kali " yea and if I had stopped sooner for gas, I'd not be here either."

" then of course, we wouldn't of met. “ said Kali. a pause was Made before kali

spoke again. “ So you're a mother, how many kids do you have Brenda ? “

“ two kids , a boy and girl.." “ You must be married then. “ asked Kali “ no my

husband died a few years ago” then there was a silence. " hey um, when we get

out of this mess we aught to have breakfast together, get a hotel room perhaps,

you look so tired " said kali " I am. been on the road all night from Texas and I went

off course, so I'm not real sure where I am." " Well , I live in Arkansas, I was just

passing through. " said kali. Suddenly , a rustling from behind them stifled them,

freezing them in they're tracks for a moment. It was among many of the noises

they'd heard while exploring that odd town . Dust devils could be seen swirling on

the street carrying paper and leaves . There was a sudden slam of a screen door

that Startled them into a brisk jog.. “ Lets get back ..” urged Kali.. they finally

reached their cars, catching their breath a moment . “ This town is freaking me out..“

said Brenda “ I agree.” said kali . " Kali, I hope you know how to siphon gas. I never

learned ." " Yes I can. I know a lot about cars " kali didn't waste any more time

siphoning the gas from her car to Brenda’s. When kali sucked the vial gas from the

tank she spat and chokes suddenly from the taste.. " you ok? " asked Brenda and kali

gave her a thumbs up. Brenda was busy rearranging Her luggage to fit Kali’s bags

and suit case into her trunk. When she was done she looked around her. she noticed

a Sparky’s malt shop and a Garrison's pharmacy across the street. When kali had

finished they went to peek inside its windows. feeling a bit curious they took a last

look Around , Kali even got her camera out and took pictures, some with them in it

and of her car so someone could retrieve it later,, it seemed some how cozy even in

it's dead quietness. “ once this town must of been quiet nice and friendly” said Brenda

“ Brenda , look at this .” Kali was holding a sign . “ this must be where we are. “ said

kali holding it up for her to see. (HAVEN DALE) “ what an interesting name. “ said

Brenda. Kali lay the sign against the Building And they continued to walk down the

strip. they Came to a Bill's barbershop and peeked in . Suddenly, a loud thud was

heard nearby as if something heavy had fallen over. they jumped and backed away

" What the hell was that?!" shrieked kali.." I don't know.. Car!.. Now! lets get out of

here." they sprinted back to the car and jump in , it started right up. they drove down

the ghostly streets past a church called (heavens gate) when they came to a school.

" Brenda stop please." " WHY?! aren't you freaked out enough? " asked Brenda " I feel

adventurous. come on, you got to be a little curious.. this chance might not come again "

" GOOD!.. But, okay. for a few minutes." agreed Brenda. She parked closer . Brenda

reluctantly and got Out of the car while Kali waited patiently. as they walked Kali took

her hand A nervous energy grew as they drew closer and closer till they reached the

double doors. when they tried to open them they were locked “ Brenda stand back.“

kali kicked open the doors with not much effort at all. " Lady’s first.” said kali. “ YOU

wanted to do this. " kali gripped Brenda’s arm tight " together then." said kali.. they

went in and it seem like one of those movies where you go into a place and don't

come out . Brenda felt to old to go exploring in old buildings.. but it was also intriguing ,

 you could still get a feel of the place and imagine what it must of been like when alive

with life. kali was quiet and seemed distant, as if she was somewhere else. so Brenda

 thought of something to break the silence quick. " I wonder what happened to this town? "

she asked " It’s not that big of a town, perhaps business wasn't good " said kali " it's

strange how a town can get like this." Said Brenda.  Suddenly kali began to cry. Brenda

went to her. " why are you crying? " her hand rested on Kali’s shoulder in comfort and

kali hugged her. at first Brenda felt shaken but then her hands wrapped kali tenderly.

" I have no one Brenda. my family and friends Died in a fire.“ kali was sobbing again.

“ it wasn't your fault. “ assured Brenda “ but it was! I had run away and If they and most

of the community hadn't been in the church trying to find me.. They wouldn't of died.”

“ God, are you serious? That’s terrible." sighed Brenda. “ I wanted to come home, that’s

when I found out they were gone along with many other good people I knew. I couldn't

bare to stay after that and left for good.” kali clung tighter. their eyes met and kali

backed away from her wiping her eyes. " I'm sorry Brenda, I shouldn't have done that"

 " It's ok, does this town remind you of your home town? " " Brenda, this is my home

town. " Brenda gasped and didn't say anything . " There’s a cemetery a few miles back.

I came here to pay my respects to my family. " said kali. Brenda shook her head as if

snapping out of a daydream. " so where's your classroom, do you remember? " asked

Brenda. kali let out a teary chuckle " sure I think I can, come on." Kali took her hand

and lead her down the crumbling hallway. as they walked there were a few noises

 that made them halt in their tracks but they shrugged it off, believing it was the

building creaking or a rat scurrying along. " Here! this is it I'm sure of it. " they went

into the room there were still markings on the chalk board some graffiti left by drifters

that might have passed through. they saw tattered pictures and a calendar dating back

to younger times. scattered desks, it was such a mess.. " this was my elementary school,

I had a lot of friends then . I miss them." Kali sighed " I never had that many friends..

Still don't "  " you have me now Brenda." " thanks that’s nice to know " kali went to the

 teachers desk to nose around while Brenda Paced the room.  " ewe! gross! " Brenda

jerked her head towards kali to see what her ruckus was About, her heart leaping.

 " I think I found a teachers thousand year old sandwich." Said kali and Brenda laughed.

 " better a sandwich then something else." said Brenda with a shudder at the thought

of finding a body part somewhere.. and the smell wasn't helping. Brenda sneezed not

 seeing the ceiling about to give way above her. Luckily kali noticed and with quick

thinking and even quicker reflexes pushed Brenda out of the way toppling onto her.

they hit the floor and kali shielded Brenda from the dust and rubble that spread

through the room. they coughed a little then their eyes met " you saved me" whispered

Brenda softly. their bodies were pressed very close it was arousing even in a frightening

situation such as they were in.. kali kissed Brenda long and deep, sparks flew.. " OH, that

 was nice kali, but can we leave now?" " yes." kali reluctantly rose from Brenda’s warmth,

pulling her up to her feet and into her arms again " stay close to me now. " said kali raising

an eyebrow their noses touching , a kiss was so desired " later kali, I'll thank you properly.

" then Brenda licked her nose playfully, they parted from the embrace. kali wiped off her

nose giggling.. " lets go." said kali and they held hands again as they left the room and

entered the vast gloom of the corridor. It seemed so far away to the light at the end

where the doors were such a heavenly sight. As they made their way carefully to the exit

they heard a scuffle from behind them and turned to see the silhouette of a man in the

door way of the class room they had just been in. a shock of alarm went through the women,

 they couldn't Utter a word as they glanced at each other. Brenda felt she couldn't move but

when kali grabbed her trembling arm she jumped. kali placed a hand over Brenda’s mouth

quickly and they watched the silhouette move, then it vanished into the room. they bolted,

running till they were out the door and in the car. Brenda’s trembling fingers fumbled to

inert the right key . she turned it but it just grumbled. “ COME ON START!” she kept at it,

twisting the key over and over.  “ BRENDA ! GET IT STARTED NOW ! “ Brenda looked in her

rear view mirror to see the biggest , nastiest dust devil she ever saw . The car had just

about started with the last turn and as the car shifted by the force Of the dust devil, it came

 to life and they sped away . they where safe now. when they reached the inner state and

 was away from the town Brenda’s body eased . she looked at kali who was looking back

 as if to make sure nothing had followed them. " GOOD BYE ! HAVEN DALE! " belted kali

" AMEN! to that. " Brenda added with great relief. twenty minutes down the road they

found a real town full of life and noise , they stopped for lunch. then found a motel for

some much needed sleep and relaxation.. ending the little adventure.. so they thought.



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