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Woke up in a plain room with little in it. it was a place of pain.. It was

smelly and grim. I stood up slowly wondering where I was. Then I

saw I wasn't Alone .. I stood frozen eyes glued to the gruesome site

of a man Covered in leather from head to toe, chains held him up by

hooks In his flesh On the wall leaned over a bed, his erect penis

pointing Down ward where a woman's Nude body lay On a bed, her

top half was submerged in the mattress, her breast Poked through

holes, cold and hard. Her body looked battered And used, legs spread

open, blood was all over the mattress and Between her legs. I suddenly

felt sick and ran out of the room. I was now in a hallway composing

myself and gradually the sickness I felt eased. I looked around, I

appeared to be in a old mansion or asylum because it wasn't what

you'd call sane.. I heard many Voices like Whispers, echoes of screams,

crying .. It was making My head spin. But I continued to walk as calmly

as I could, I actually found myself trying to decipher what was being said

but It was to confusing. just when I thought I was getting caught up in the

madness of this place.. I heard a Child's cry from a door.. So I went to It.

A sign by the door read ( Do not enter with out a light) I saw a lit Candle

near by so I took it then I opened the door and went inside..
this room it was like a storage room, dark with the faint light of a

window to the back. It was full of shelves with old, tattered stuffed

animals on them, more than I'd ever seen in my life.. Their dead eyes

bore a hole through me. A very uneasy feeling grew and the hairs on

the back of my neck prickled. As I made my way to the far end of the

room it seemed to take me forever And my mind was playing tricks on

me. I was hearing things like little Foot Steps or a faint growls and

from the corner of my eyes I could swear I saw the little beasts Moving,

but when I looked directly at them they were still as death.. Finally I

reached the window and looked out of it but all I saw Was fog. I noticed

I was in a play area for children, I placed the candle On the table with

chairs, there was a book shelf, toy box and a rocking Chair.. In it was a

girl with black hair she was slumped over, her long tresses flowing Over

her face into her lap.. I grew weak.. Was she dead ?? I wondered. I went

over to the chair.. ” hey, little girl .. you okay? “ I raised her head And it

was a doll made of porcelain and not a real person at all.. I couldn't Help

snicker with relief, I straitened her against the back of the chair And

was in awe at how real she looked.. Then I backed away and went To the

window where there was still nothing to see. “ where the hell am I? “ I

asked to myself..

 The days light was waning And I noticed the candle grew shorter. I

took it from the table and was Going to leave when the chair the doll

was in began to rock. When the Doll suddenly spoke I dropped the

candle and it rolled out of sight, but I was to focused on the doll to care..


“ Once upon a time there was a little girl,
her mommy locked her up, She could not
get out no matter how much the little girl
would shout. Her animals got hungry and

crept up in the night and ate the little Girl

in her room locked tight.. “


Then the head slumped over again. I was being haunted by horrific visions
of the little girls painful last Memories and I knew it was her mother who
had in fact killed her most brutally. “ That poor girl..” I sighed. I just
wanted to leave this room now.. But When I turned to the direction of the
door all I saw were stuffed animals Blocking my way. The light out side
would soon fade and I knew I would be in trouble. Out of the blue words
flooded my head and consumed Me, as if possessed I had to speak them..


“ There once was a woman who came into
a room, A candle of hope to carry through
The gloom. She met a little girl who told a
Tale of woe. The flames of love ignited to
Burn the wicked foe..”


As soon as I said those words a fire swelled at the back of the room, sweeping
Over the savage little toys.. I could hear their screams, they were deafening! I
closed my ears, shut my eyes and curled up.. Then it was Smokey and quiet..
I Scrambled to the door ready to be free of this putrid smoke filled room but
The door was locked, I struggled and fought with the knob but it wasn't budging.
I hit the door and cursed at it.. There was a loud crash on the side of the room

the Doll Was on "NOW WHAT!" I moaned as I crept slowly back to investigate.
I saw the doll face down on the floor broken and I was in shock, a gasped forced
From my lungs as I looked down at it's fragile porcelain hand and saw human

bones Where pretty fingers once were.. “ OH GOD! “ I shrieked. her mother had

hid her Crime by sealing her corpse in that dolls shell.. It was almost poetic her

as fragile in Life as a porcelain doll.. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I fell to my

knees.. “ WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!?!” no answer did I get.. As I wiped

my Tears away I noticed something shiny on the floor by the doll. It was a key on

a gold Necklace. A spark of hope surged through me and I went to pick it up but

it was Still attached so I reluctantly had to touch the hair to find the clasp, I

unlatched it And only took the key. I ran for the door, the key was a perfect fit..

And finally I Was out of that room and back in the corridor of lost voices…



By Tina Camille

Jan 16,2007

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