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 nuclear winter land

a horrible thing happened,, maybe it was the fact that we where fooled into thinking peace could be

strong Enough to last forever, that evil wasn’t dead just sleeping until the day we let our guards down

and no Longer had the artillery to protect our country and nasty little viruses spread across the states ,

the worst being a slow flesh eating virus that tainted the mind of its host ..we lost electricity and means

of  communication, fresh uncontaminated water was scares..

most of the food and water horded by greedy people looking out for themselves blood still stained the

 walls and streets.. fore there was no rain to wash it away...a cloud of blackness loomed over like being

in a dark box that smothered and killed all life... then the snow came, colder than any winter and a dead

silence.. that’s when the  survivors were forced out to fight death once again...and that’s not what all

lurked about...ZOMBIES... the only creatures seeming impervious to the element or to pain...

they have a constant nagging hunger and hatred for the living...this is the story of two people lost, alone

and scared shitless.. Mickey and Jewls ..

Jewls didn't want to leave the comfort of the fire but she was hungry and had run out of rations.. she had

changed drastically since all this happened.. she was harder and stronger in all ways both in body and soul..

she had to be to survive she was 27 and thanked god she had no kids she'd witnessed to many grieve

stricken mothers screaming and sobbing for their babies, to many lost faces of lovers ripped from each other..
she had seen to many horrible things that gave her night mares every night...and a loneliness that cut like a

 knife.. she almost took her own life at one point but zombies busted in on her and she decided she wanted

to live after all she learned to make booby traps and alarms from bells or cans, what ever she could find...

he hid away in the subways depths, sleeping in a train car but she never felt safe,, she horded guns and ammo

learned to use them... she even stole from the stash of greedy assholes that didn't like to share, a group of

men she'd separated from for she didn't want to be their sex slave.. so that’s where she was going, back to

take some more...she was bundled for warmth but allowed for quickness in case attacked.. she went above

ground always having a quickening in her pulse till she saw it was safe and eased a bit.. with a light back

 pack on and riffle ready she trudged onward...past the rubble of fallen buildings and wrecked cars she looked

up at the sky streaked with red and black from fires that still burned about the city, signs of survivors.. and the

 small battles they'd have over water or food and fights to hold back zombies.. you'd think the human race

would of learned by now! she saw no birds.. Or jets.. not even the sun.. she got to the public car park of a hospital..

 that went a bit underground, the cold drove people deep to better keep warm.. there was a stench this time

that she new all to well.. it was the scent of rotting flesh.. she saw them the 5 men that had occupied this place..

 ripped and torn to pieces,, bite marks from hungry zombies had mutilated their flesh.. she cocked her gun,

fore they could still be around.. she quickly collected some food.. when she heard moaning she jerked around

and saw one of the men sitting up looking at her his eyeball hung to his cheek and his neck was torn open..

 she gasped " OH JESUS!!.." and she sprayed the creature with bullets till it stirred no longer but then she

attracted the attention of the dozen zombies still in the building ..panic seized her being, she ran laying out

 zombies with hot bullets as she made her way out of the structure with the food to boot.. but suddenly she was

shoved to the ground her gun went off then flew out of her hands .. she was grabbed by strong hands.. that

belonged to a man that stared down at her " it was bad enough you steel from them ,,but did you have to

 kill them too !!?" he screamed "I didn't!! zombies got them !" his eyes eased..
" looks like its me and you then " he said releasing her she stood and was going for her gun but he beat her

 to it.. " ah ah... I’ll take that.." " If it makes you feel like a man go for it!" he eyed her.." I hadn't been with

them long, I had left them to scout the city for more survivors or a way to communicate with the out side world.,

 they didn't want to do anything! wished I’d known you was alone and defenseless" he grinned. 

" I don't need you! " she spat walking away.. with the food,, suddenly he was yelling and shooting the gun

 she turned and saw hordes  of zombies she dropped the food pulling out her hand gun.. she rushed to back

him up.. not knowing why,,  together they polished off the zombies. Then turned to look at each other

" I'm Mickey.. pleased to have you  watch my back" he out stretched his hand in friendship and she excepted

"I’m Jewls...now lets get to my place  before more come and it's getting dark.." so they grabbed the food and

they went to her hide out...

Tina Camille


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