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                                        Miranda's Garden

A sad little girl in her sad little World was Patina . Teased and driven into solitude by other

children. Petrified patina they called her .. She was an odd 9 year old girl and very lonely.

She had a place she loved to hide away with a garden that was always beautiful And alive

with color it was hidden behind an old church’s stone wall.. Long had it Been abandoned

of its family.. It was said a nun gave birth to a girl child the father Being a priest possessed

by an incubus The baby was hidden away like a dirty secret . they say you could still hear

the girl child crying inside the church at night . it never scared patina, The torment of the

bigger kids scared her more.  One day patina was singing cheerfully in the church garden

as she picked flowers When she heard a woman’s voice whisper her name. Patina looked

around curiously. “ HELLO? “ she called but instead a boys voice rang “ I heard her in there.

"WE’ RE COMING FOR YOU PATINA! “ and patina ran to the church crawling in the basement

window.. The boys ran in the yard seeing the trail of flowers leading to the church .

“ SHE WENT IT THERE! “ said one boy. Another boy gulped . “ we shouldn’t Go in there..

“ then the 3rd boy punched his shoulder “ Quit being a pussy lets go get the little Bitch! “

and so They went in the main building. Meanwhile patina was safely curled Up Behind some

barrels she saw a tall nude woman with short blond hair go up some stairs She was young

and pretty with hypnotic green eyes, only slight difference was her short tail That twitched

with excitement , clawed hands and a grin that bared a fanged gleam .. as she made her

way to the sound of the awful boys in the Chapel of her home.. She would terrify them,

 taking only what she needed from their fragile souls . She was at the door the boys were

on the other side, her forked tongue swept over her fangs.. She opened the door and the

boys froze with fear and awe. the room Around them became nightmarish and dark

“ shame on you for picking on that girl , Leave her alone or I’ll hunt you down in your beds

and suck your souls dry ” she hissed.. She spoke With a Russian accent .

When she raised her hands a horrid ghostly apparition rose from her Body sending the

boys into shock. they fell to their knees with weakness then she stopped feeding And

disappeared.  The boys ran from the church with all the strength they could muster. No

one believed their panic stricken stories.. Patina could hear the screams of the boys and

moments later the pounding of their feet As they ran for dear life. It was still pretty and

bright outside the window as she readied to Leave but then she heard a soft voice.

 “ hello little girl “ patina was startled but once the Hypnotic green eyes caught her own

sky blue eyes she was held there as the woman Approached, Then kneeled down to her

“ don’t be afraid of Miranda , I’m your friend . what’s your name?“ asked the mysterious

woman “ I’m patina, do you live here? “ “ yes. I was born here many years ago “  “ I like

your garden” Said patina .“ you can visit it any time just don’t pick to many flowers I like

them to..” Miranda smiled up at her. “ I better go home now Miranda” “ OK take care of

 your self little One .” She helped Patina out of the window and the girl scampered away

coming back a few Moments later with all the flowers she picked And set them by the

window She watched as Miranda’s Pale clawed fingers reach out from the darkness and

took the bouquet .. Then she ran home And never went back..

Patina was a young lady in her 20’s now She was recently plagued with dark dreams of

Miranda Spring break at college couldn’t of come soon enough., but instead of enjoying

a cruise To the Bahamas she had to return home. Now she stood in the church yard

looking at the garden that was still as beautiful as ever. She picked a few roses and day

lilies. Then she reflected on Miranda’s Words Almost could hear them . “ Don’t pick to

many Of my flowers, I like them to ” and with out thought She could feel her self walking

to the basement window clutching the flowers to her, it was open as It was before.

She knelt down cautiously, slowly her arms out stretched to place the flowers On the

ground by the window when suddenly 2 pale clawed hands shot out and grabbed her by the

Wrist “ PATINA! “ a woman’s voice wined But patina was screaming and struggling to get

free From the grip of the she creature she knew to be MIRANDA. But she couldn’t fight and

was pulled into Darkness , screams rang from inside and a wicked cackle entwined it..

Then a dead silence.. Hmm ..THE END????









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