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It was late one night Christina was trying to get home from work. As if standing on her feet

in a dinner wasn’t hard enough she Had to walk to the subway.. She hated the subway at

night , it was Always just her waiting down there it gave her a serious case of The creeps.

The lighting as she descended the steps wasn’t So good, it made the hairs on the back of her

neck stand to walk in the Dark areas of the corridor, down more steps where the lighting

seemed Better but still the silence and the emptiness always got to her. And the noises she’d

hear by the time the train arrived she was always a jumpy mess. In a corridor a level up, a

knife scraped along a wall. As a tall man in a leather trench coat and a scared face walked slowly ,

He had seen Christina enter the subway and was on his way to Call on her , his mind thrown

into an orgy of ways to play with her. He’d been calling her for weeks, watching her from afar,

taking pictures Studying every detail about her in the name of love and desire although Twisted

his vision was .. He could even smell her..

Christina checked her watch she just wanted to get home, get out of her work dress and

put her feet up with a warm cup of coffee behind a locked door were she felt safe..

Suddenly , she could hear a faint noise like some one was breathing heavy. Then as it grew

louder to her disgust it sounded like a man getting off.. She wondered first if maybe some

couple was going at it down in this place, Wouldn’t of been the first time.. She found her

self walking toward the noise , Ears twitching to make sense of it.. When her name was

whispered by a mans Husky voice, in a release Of great pleasure, she froze in her tracks her

body began to feel weak and She trembled as she heard his footsteps drawing nearer .

she could see the walls around her seem to corrode and a stench touched her nose That was

Stifling , she started to back up in a panic as the darkness seemed to close in. She lost her

footing when she backed to close to the edge of the drop off to the Tracks falling roughly

onto them.

There was one light that flickered giving Some distorted view of her hellish surroundings.

Suddenly startled at the dark figure above her looking down at her , she could see The knifes

blade flash in the light.. “ Welcome Christina.. Time to play. ” he said. then before she could

Get away he jumped onto her and grabbed her throwing her over his shoulder with great ease

As she kicked and screamed .

He took her into darkness with a flash light to guide him through the winding tunnels ..

“ Who are you ! Please let me go! “ she cried. He stopped at a cross section moon light Filled

the area threw a huge grate . And he put her on her feet holding her wrist like a vice grip..

She tried to struggle, but he held the knife to her throat “ Please don’t hurt me..” she said

“ Well you be good then , I have a surprise for you “ he said then he jerked her along.

They came to a sliding metal door to a room lit by firelight from a steal barrel, this room

Smelled even more horrific.. “Look my sweet, my trophies to you “ he said .

all around Christina was surrounded by death, bodies of people who had some how hurt her

hanging and thrown about In tormented poses, she screamed and was sick puking up the

vial in her Stomach. As she heaved violently on the floor he was ranting .. “ Don’t you see

I was protecting you ! They can’t hurt you any more ,, don’t you appreciate what I have

done for you?” he said .

He grabbed her up by her hair and dragged her to a moving bloody sheet against the wall he

made her look as he pulled the sheet down and Christina saw her sister hanging in chains and

gagged. She was hurt and bloody from being tortured . “ NOOO! Let her go! “ screamed

Christina. He held her in his arms knife at her throat again .. “ She deserves to die, Christina

most of all after what she did to you.. She caused the death of your boyfriend , she is the reason

you struggle to live.. “ , he said. His lips slid softly across her cheek the knife pressed slightly ..

“ No, no more killing..”, she said. She could hear her sisters hysterical whimpers he suddenly

Pushed Christina away and raised the knife to her sister, but before he could strike Christina

grabbed his coat and pulled him down, she jumped on him and hit him, all her rage and stress

flooding her being with adrenalin making her almost super human. When he stopped fighting, she

stood and looked at her sister whom looked horrified as she walk closer, she was probably in shock.

Christina pulled the bolts from the shackles on her wrists she looked at her sister and smiled

“ It will be ok, your safe now.” When Christina bent down to free her sisters feet she felt A sudden

pain in her head then all went black ..

Christina woke in a hospital bed her wrist and feet in restraints, she struggled when she saw the

Doctors, her sister and a few cops “WHAT’ S GOING ON!! NANCY? Why am I Being treated

this way? What did I do? Tell them I helped you! “, said Christina desperately.

No one seemed to care or listen, they just whispered and carried on, “ Christina I’m Dr. Grady

you are in the county Hospitals Psychiatric ward. Don’t you understand why your here? “, he asked.

“ NO! “, snapped Christina. Her sister rushed forward and a cop held her back, “YOU CRAZY


Something snapped in Christina she couldn’t believe she’d ever hurt any one. She slipped into

her self as the buzzing voiced talked of a psychotic break caused by the grief over the loss of

her lover, the festering anger towards her sister and that her life had taken its toll on her fragile

mind ..

She was finally left alone and a husky male voice spoke breaking the silence and peace

she felt “ You should of let me kill her my love, now look at us stuck in here. “, he walked closer

and pet her head. The room around her started to change like in the subway , the nightmare world

he always brought to her was back .. “ aw, but don’t you worry we’ll bide our time and wait for

the right moment and I’ll get you out of here and that bitch of a sister will pay.. Remember I told

you I’d never leave you Christina..” His face went down close to hers “ Yes , I remember, “, she

whispered and he kissed her long and with great desire the same desire he felt when he was alive

and vowed to himself he’d never let her go even in death she would be forever his…