Of\ Blues\ \&\ Passages\ of\ Time\ ONLINE\:\ Poetry\ by\ Louisa\ Nurse

Welcome\!\ \\ \On\ the\ island\ of\ Barbados\,\ where\ sky\ meets\ sea\ and\ sun\ light\ covers\ green\ fields\ of\ sugar\ cane\ dancing\ in\ Caribbean\ and\ Atlantic\ breeze\ there\ is\ where\ you\ will\ find\ Louisa\ Nurse\.\ \ A\ multi\-talented\ woman\ with\ a\ soul\ for\ writing\ and\ a\ passion\ for\ the\ Performing\ \ Arts\,\ armed\ with\ an\ associate\ degree\ in\ Performing\ Arts\ majoring\ in\ drama\ and\ minors\ in\ music\ and\ dance\.\ \\ \This\ office\ professional\ by\ day\ was\ the\ feature\ writer\ for\ VOICES\ Barbados\ Writers\’\ Collective\ \(January\ 2001\)\ and\ Rhapsody\ of\ Voices\ \(Evening\ of\ Spoken\ Word\)\,\ Casuarina\ Beach\ Hotel\ \(September\ 2001\)\.\ Her\ work\ has\ taken\ her\ to\ Orlando\,\ Florida\ where\ she\ read\ for\ the\ International\ Society\ of\ Poets\.\ \ \ \\ \Louisa\ has\ also\ performed\ for\ several\ Open\ Mic\ sessions\ at\ various\ poetry\ meets\ including\ Interludes\:\ Poetry\ \&amp\;\ Jazz\,\ Waterfront\ Caf\é\ and\ the\ NCF\/Accra\ Beach\ Hotel\ Poetic\ Visions\ \(Barbados\)\.\ In\ 2000\ together\ with\ Sandra\ E\.\ Morris\,\ they\ specially\ wrote\ and\ performed\ \“Through\ The\ Fire\”\ for\ the\ Barbados\ Cancer\ Society\ Breast\ Screening\ Programme\ Gala\ Evening\ \ \“Fire\ and\ Ash\:\ Models\ on\ A\ Mission\ For\ Cancer\ which\ was\ aired\ in\ real\-time\ via\ the\ internet\.\ \ \\ \Her\ work\ has\ been\ published\ in\ the\ NCF\/Miller\ Cutting\ Edge\ Anthology\,\ Rhyme\ and\ Reason\ \(International\ Library\ of\ Poets\)\;\ the\ Advocate\ and\ Nation\ newspaper\ \(Barbados\)\ and\ several\ other\ magazines\,\ newsletters\ and\ cyberspace\.\ Her\ poem\ \‘Polished\’\ was\ accepted\ and\ published\ in\ Calabash\:\ A\ Journal\ of\ Caribbean\ Arts\ and\ Letters\ \(New\ York\ University\)\ while\ Vol\.III\ of\ Poui\,\ The\ Cave\ Literary\ Annual\ \ has\ accepted\ \“Walking\ Though\ Fire\”\ \(for\ Barbadian\ Poet\ Kamau\ Brathwaite\)\.\ \\ \A\ bronze\ medalist\,\ Barbados\ National\ Festival\ of\ Creative\ Arts\ \(NIFCA\)\;\ 2000\ Third\ Place\ winner\,\ NCF\/Miller\ Cutting\ Edge\ Writing\ Contest\ for\ the\ poem\ \“Quest\”\ \(only\ award\ winning\ poet\)\;\ and\ \“Honorable\ Mention\”\ for\ the\ poem\ \“Substratum\:\ Pierced\”\ from\ the\ 2001\ Inaugural\ Poetry\ Month\ Writing\ Contest\ hosted\ by\ the\ Commission\ for\ Pan\ African\ Affairs\,\ \(Barbados\)\.\ \ Louisa\ also\ has\ to\ her\ credit\,\ the\ 2001\ International\ Poet\ of\ Merit\,\ Distinguished\ Member\ and\ 2002\ Editor\’s\ Choice\ from\ the\ International\ Society\ of\ Poets\.\ \ \ \\ \She\ was\ visiting\ guest\ presenter\ in\ Creative\ Writing\ \(Poetry\)\ for\ a\ creative\ writing\ class\ at\ the\ Barbados\ Community\ College\ and\ in\ November\ 2001\ with\ fellow\ poet\ Katy\ Gash\ conducted\ such\ a\ session\ for\ Arthur\ Smith\ Primary\ School\.\ \ The\ later\ resulted\ in\ the\ anthology\ \“Poetic\ Birds\”\.\ Louisa\ is\ an\ active\ member\ of\ VOICES\:\ Barbados\ Writers\’\ Collective\.\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \\ \\ \

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