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Once upon a time there were two little boys, their names were Zack and Brandon, they were twins.  They were out on their boat fishing one day, it was a sunny day, the sun beaming down onto the water making it sparkle.  With their poles in the water, they waited for that first bite, they waited and they waited, but it didn't come.  Zack said, "This isn't a very good fishing spot." "I know, Zack," Brandon replied.  And they decided to leave  that area and try another, but all of a sudden, Zacks pole was pulled into the water, and is disappeared beneath the surface, and then Brandons pole was pulled into the water.

"What happened!"  Zack said loudly as the boat began to rock,  Brandon pulled his sword out of his loop and proclaimed, "Were gonna have to save our fishing poles!" 

Zack stood up and pulled his sword out and announced, "It's a shark!"

The shark jumped up and down, holding on to Zack's and Brandon's fishing pole, snickering, .......will be continued}

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