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 ''A Real Man''

A real man commits to God in everything
he does.
A real man doesn't hide the way he
feels,or afraid to admit when he's wrong.

A real man reconizes his weakness and turns
them into his stengths.
Looks at the world
with an open mind and puts all his trust in
For he knows God is his fortress when
times look bad.Recognizes when the Lord
sends him someone great and gives his best
in all he does.Pleases the one he loves in
every single way and knows with the Lord
they'll be together forever and a day.A real
man can look at his woman and make her feel
things she never felt and always find ways
to make her heart melt.Even when it
sometimes rains his love remains pure and
will never fade.Trusts in God and knows there love will never go away.A real man
knows that God moves mountains and makes the
impossible possible,and GOD is the only thing that makes a REAL MAN possible!

By:King of hearts