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I was a party girl, always drinking ,doing  drugs ,and moving from home to home. I never liked being told what to do. I would lie,
steal , cuss, fell into sexual immorality , pornography, and deceiving others. I lost my home and became homeless living on
the streets for five months before I was accepted into a shelter.My life was a roller coaster , but nothing good ever coming from 
it. I became very suicidal to the point that the thought of death made me happy. Then something happened that changed my life
forever. Back on  November 28th 2015  I was walking from ceilo vista mall to George dieter which is a three mile walk. When this
young woman pulled up and asked me if I needed a ride. I told her no that I was good. she drove off then I saw her come back around 
and pulled up behind me again she asked me if I needed a ride and I responded no. she asked me to come over to her car she wanter
to invite me to her church so I did. Not realizing it I bleared out to her that I was just raped. she told me "girl get in my car I want 
to pray for you' so I did. She prayed for me and we exchanged numbers, later that night I texted her that I wanted to attend the 
church and she said okay and found me a ride. she met up with me after service happy that I came. She tool me to go meet the pastors
at that moment my life changed for ever. I felt all the pain, rejection, loneliness, depression just leave I felt over whelmed with peace joy
love strength courage that I couldn't stop crying. That day I made a promise to god and gave my life to him. since that day my life
has not been the same im over flowing with joy happiness love. I want to incourage all of you go to god lay your troubles at his
feet I promise you you will be glad you did.

                                                    a member of ignite movement church

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