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The story of my life .

What was my suicide letter

It's time that I have shared my story, so that I may help others. From 1997-2005 I was molested and rapped. From 206-2012 I have lost someone I loved. My mom abandoned me when I was two months old. My dad abandoned me during the first month. I got into drugs, cutting, and even attempted suicide several times. I was admitted into the Rolling Hills Hospital where I found out I was pregnant. When I was released  form the hospital my grandma told me that I had to either be put into a home or move to Texas. She did not have room for a baby. I followed up with the doctor three weeks later and was told that my blood count was dropping which meant I was having a miscarriage, but I still had to move to Texas. On the tenth of October I lost a friend to suicide for the third time. I don't know what to do anymore. I think to my self that god doesn't love me if he did then why would he let this happen to me. I have never been good enough for god. My grandma even told me that I had ruined her life. Because of all this I sometimes ask myself, why am I still here? What purpose in life do I have that I keep going. My life is a never ending heart break. I need to know that people care. I need a new start. I need to understand. I'm tryinging to find the light but all I see is darkness. I need someone to talk to who isn't family. I often look into the mirror and ask myself who am I? I am nobody. what's left of me now? Nothing. Everyone is better off without me. Good bye world. My name is Kristen sanders.

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